Selected Writing

Pyramid Scheme

As Pyramid Scheme begins, you find yourself digging your own grave at gunpoint in the Sonoran Desert. It looks like this is the end for you until your shovel hits an odd object in the dirt: a tiny pyramid, no doubt buried there many millennia before (or perhaps it’s just trash that some tourist dropped […]

TV Tycoon

TV Tycoon is a game simulation of network television management. You adopt the role of one of several television networks, each of which have different victory conditions and advantages / disadvantages. As the commissioner of that network, you choose how much to spend on new program development, where to schedule your shows on a virtual […]

Proxima Centauri

The polluted, ravaged Earth may no longer be habitable, but Chiron, the closest planet to Proxima Centauri B, offers some hope for the future of the human race. A generation ship, on which the remnants of our race persist by a fragile thread, has finally arrived after two hundred years at its destination star. But […]

Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon is the best app for playing Legend of the Five Rings online. It lets you flip, bow, sift, and stack cards with natural gestures, while making it easy to connect to other players and test decks. THE STORY: About this time last year, I created its antecedent for my good friend Ben. […]

The Angles

Outside of Norwich, in East Anglia, are the fens: rich silty wetland disposed to farming. The boundary between the city and the country is pronounced by accent, by politics, and by ancient history. Gemma Hardacre, 22, once crossed that boundary to get her sociology degree, and now she returns, a published but unemployable academic. On […]

Game of Zones

Game of Zones is about the vicissitudes of power in a hierarchical social system wherein only the conniving and the morally destitute may survive. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s a goofy parody of Game of Thrones set in an Apple Store, created in 2013 as tribute to my friend Patrick for his years of […]

Warrior vs Worrier

A twelve year-old girl worries that her imaginary companion, a brash, aggressive reflection of herself (a warrior, so to speak) needs to go. She’s a bad influence, always causing trouble while she catches the blame. As you can see, reading this, it’s hard to tell them apart. When she succeeds in removing her from her […]

Flint and Tinder

Hans Christian Andersen’s first fairy tale was the perfect inspiration for this little comic strip. It’s about a soldier who discovers a tinder box that, when struck, summons a supernatural dog to fetch him his heart’s desire. He uses it to steal gold, then the princess of a kingdom, and finally the crown. Thing is, […]

The Lemon

Liz is 15 and her boyfriend Justin has just moved to Australia. Her working class friends and bankrupt mom team up to buy her a mobile phone so she can keep in touch with him. Liz doesn’t waste their good will. She’s always on the phone, but at the same time she starts to get […]

Phantasmagoria ep1: Dark Heart

Quinzy crawls into his school backpack one day looking for some missing homework and emerges in a labyrinthine wonderland: the inside of his mind. There’s a library (his knowledge), a furnace (his temper), a game of chess in progress alone in an empty ballroom, and a locked door leading deeper. He spends more and more […]