Selected Writing

The New New Doctor Who

Doctor Who has not been so soapy in a while. The revelation that River is Amy’s daughter who is also “part time lord” and also his potential lover is an Emmerdale-class contortion, with time travel as the soap advert that makes it all possible. It’s cleverly done, but the hallmarks are there, in A Good […]

BZD Films

My friend Brian Danin is a talented photographer, web designer, film director, editor and producer. His website, BZD Productions, is ripe with content and a media blog that he asks me to contribute to every once in a while. As long as I’ve known Brian he’s also been an entrepreneur, so these articles of mine […]

Battlestar Galactica

HWSTN started out primarily as a blog. My posts featured, more often than promised updates about my life for my family and friends, thoughts about this new show called Battlestar Galactica. Five years later, it’s finished its final season. Galactica has always been an inspiration, even in its shaky third season, because it never got […]