Selected Writing

Pyramid Scheme

As Pyramid Scheme begins, you find yourself digging your own grave at gunpoint in the Sonoran Desert. It looks like this is the end for you until your shovel hits an odd object in the dirt: a tiny pyramid, no doubt buried there many millennia before (or perhaps it’s just trash that some tourist dropped […]

TV Tycoon

TV Tycoon is a game simulation of network television management. You adopt the role of one of several television networks, each of which have different victory conditions and advantages / disadvantages. As the commissioner of that network, you choose how much to spend on new program development, where to schedule your shows on a virtual […]

Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon is the best app for playing Legend of the Five Rings online. It lets you flip, bow, sift, and stack cards with natural gestures, while making it easy to connect to other players and test decks. THE STORY: About this time last year, I created its antecedent for my good friend Ben. […]

Game of Zones

Game of Zones is about the vicissitudes of power in a hierarchical social system wherein only the conniving and the morally destitute may survive. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s a goofy parody of Game of Thrones set in an Apple Store, created in 2013 as tribute to my friend Patrick for his years of […]

Heaven and Earth

In Heaven and Earth, you play an underestimated patsy flung into a position of power in a galactic naval conflict. When you fail to drown, your allegiance is courted by both sides: the religious progeny of mankind, exiled from Earth, and the atheist usurpers who displaced them. Command fleets of customizable ships. Manage their systems […]

The Romantic Wrong

You are not yourself. Yourself is someone else, someone comfortable and far away. Someone warm and dry, and safe. Someone sheltered. You are no one, at least no one you know. You have been floating in the ocean for as long as you can remember, hoping to your far away self that the salt water […]