Selected Writing and Whatnot

Ascension VR

The screens below are from a job for AGM Container Controls, who spend thousands to transport their Ascension line of wheelchair accessibility lifts to trade shows and exhibitions, where they would need to additionally have to be assembled and disassembled. AGM’s technical specialist, Estevan Gregory, had the idea to instead showcase its products in VR, providing a similar experience to potential customers in an environment of their choosing.

Ascension VR menu titles

My modeler friend Danny Adelman and I were contracted to build the experience. I created a generic interactivity system that could be used to control single-input movement controls for even the most technologically timid of customers, but that was also flexible enough to control several different types of lifts with their own interdependent animations, states, and interfaces. AGM’s lift models were also very detailed CAD models that I had to reprocess for realtime deployment. (This turned out to compose the majority of our efforts.)

Clarity specs
(The Clarity lift model with specifications shown off in a mall environment.)

Remodeled mall environment
(The materials and models we created to make the environment functional and attractive in VR.)

Clarity from a distance
(The full Clarity model seen from the upper floor.)

Inside Clarity
(Inside the Clarity in an office environment.)

Clarity controls
(A glimpse at the Clarity controls and some of the smaller moving parts like the back door hinge piston.)

Clarity in office
(The Clarity in its place next to a sunlit waterfall feature with moving, burbling water.)

Virtuoso and Protege in a theater
(The Virtuoso and the Protege models glimpsed in a dark, cozy theater environment.)

(Complete with playable grand piano.)

Protege interior
(About to enter the Protege…)

Virtuoso with skirt
(The Virtuoso raised on its skirt with exterior altitude controls.)