Selected Writing

Pyramid Scheme

As Pyramid Scheme begins, you find yourself digging your own grave at gunpoint in the Sonoran Desert. It looks like this is the end for you until your shovel hits an odd object in the dirt: a tiny pyramid, no doubt buried there many millennia before (or perhaps it’s just trash that some tourist dropped here in the nineties). It seems to speak to you, to whisper in your mind, to fill you with the power to… be a life coach!

Using your impressive new motivational skills, you convince your would-be killers to trade places with you, and soon you’re off on a career giving speeches to crowds around the world desperate for your wisdom. Night after night, before crowd after crowd, your dark thoughts bubble up, cycling faster and faster, your pulse racing as you try to keep your tongue from slipping and to stay inspirational. Can you can hold it together without revealing your criminal past or your evil soul?

Pyramid Scheme is a speech-giving game for macOS and Windows created for Ludum Dare 36. I wrote the script and collaborated on the design and the programming with my friend Chris Hill, who did so much more, including the beautiful art and the project management.