Selected Writing

Exile ep1: Crying Wolf

Exile is an epic fantasy about being outcast, and the part it plays in growing up. It’s about what people do when they’re taken from where they belong. It’s also a place, a land deep below the earth: a penal colony for the omnipotent Empire. This 13-part, 60-minute TV serial follows Erika (17) and Ferris (19) through a medieval world of swords, secrets, jealous wars and magic. Erika is a budding mage, an individual gifted with powers that seem to have a life and motive of their own. These powers drag her against her will from humble beginnings into the vortex of politics that surround the Empire and Exile. Also caught in the vortex is Ferris, the younger prince of a nation called Tenet, conquered long ago by the Empire.

“Crying Wolf” is the first episode of Exile, inspired by the PC game series by Spiderweb Software, and by the convict history of the United Kingdom and Australia.