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Exile ep2: Shame and Sorcery

“Shame and Sorcery” is the second hour of Exile, an epic fantasy series in 13 parts about being outcast, and the part it plays in growing up. In the first episode, “Crying Wolf,” Erika is cast into the underworld for using magic to murder another, and Ferris returns to his family’s court at Tenet with Erika’s mageward. The ward begins to manipulate him, trying to reunite with its owner.

The second episode begins with Ferris chafing against its influence and the equally oppressive influence of his mother, the Queen of Tenet, who has sent him on another clandestine mission to the neighboring state of Escarpa. His mission is to poison and then save the princess there in order to curry favor. Meanwhile, Erika arrives through the portal to Exile, and finds it more dangerous than she ever imagined.