Selected Writing

The Journeyman Project

The Journeyman Project is about whether human beings can ever really improve, as individuals or as a people.

At the beginning of the 23rd century, it appears that they may have. In one last, bloody world war, unified countries in the West annihilated those in the East with nuclear weapons. Sickened by the conditions of their victory, the borders between the remaining countries began to come down and a unified world government was formed, albeit a Western one.

During the scientific renaissance that follows, human beings make their most dangerous discovery yet: the time machine. Realizing its potential to change a finally peaceful Earth, the government takes control of the only prototype, code named Pegasus, and creates a department dedicated to preventing damage to their time line: The Journeyman Project.

The Journeyman Project is a secret because many see time travel as the ultimate weapon, and because around the same time, human beings are visited by an alien race called the Cyrollans. The Cyrollans have been watching Earth for some time, and have finally decided that humans have become civilized enough to join their multi-species federation, the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings. The Cyrollans claimed they would return in ten years time to hear humanity’s answer.

Now they have. The six on-duty agents at the Journeyman Project watch from their annex as the Cyrollan ambassador meets with the human delegation. The diplomats are about to accept the aliens’ offer when the annex scanners detect a TEMPORAL RIP, an event somewhere in Earth’s past that has been changed and is gradually changing the future, like an unraveling thread. It’s finally happening. The agents scramble into Pegasus and JUMP into the past to begin their first mission.

This story is the pilot of a 13-part TV series adaptation of Presto Studios’s 1992 PC game by the same name.